Older woman stands at front door while checking credentials card of a contractor in work gear, illustrating blog post “How to Verify A Plumbing License in Tennessee.”

Verify Plumbing License in Tennessee

When it comes to plumbing repairs or installations, hiring a licensed plumber is not just a recommendation—it's a necessity. A licensed plumbing contractor possesses the necessary qualifications and adheres to local building regulations, ensuring the safety and reliability of the work they perform. If someone says they can do the work without a contractor’s license, RUN away! The risk that they’ll perform subpar workmanship that jeopardizes your home’s safety and integrity is too great. And for contractors who are licensed, follow the “trust, but verify” practice. Not sure how to find out if a plumber is licensed? Check our quick and easy guide below!

How to Check If a Plumber Is Licensed in Tennessee 

To verify plumbing licenses in Tennessee, you can use the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance's Verify - License Search tool. Here’s how to check if a plumber is licensed: 

  1. Visit the license verification page: https://search.cloud.commerce.tn.gov/
  2. Enter the plumber's name (you can use the company name or the business owner’s name) or license number in the search bar.
  3. Review the details provided to ensure they are active and in good standing.

Now you know how to find out if a plumber is licensed and you can verify they are legally certified to handle your plumbing needs!

Penalty for Plumbing without a License

In Tennessee, the risks and penalties for plumbing without a license are significant. Unlicensed plumbing can lead to improper installations, which may cause extensive water damage or health hazards due to poor sanitation. Moreover, operating without a license can lead to legal consequences for the plumber, including fines and restrictions on future licensing. For homeowners, using an unlicensed plumber can mean voided warranties, invalidated insurance claims, and potential fines for non-compliance with local building codes.

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