Experienced-looking licensed plumber working in home interior with tool, illustrating blog post “Licensed Plumber Near Me: Why Search for Licensed & Insured Plumbers.”

Licensed Plumber Near Me: Why Search for Licensed & Insured Plumbers

If you've ever had a home with a serious or recurring plumbing problem, you know it's not just about getting it fixed but getting it fixed right. You might know a guy who knows a guy who can perform some plumbing tasks on the cheap, but when it comes to the pipes running throughout your house, you do NOT want to risk potential damage due to unqualified workmanship. That's why you should use terms like “insured plumber” and “licensed plumber near me” if you want to find a qualified plumber whose work you can trust. (And remember, "trust, but verify." Here's how you can verify a plumbing license in TN.) 

Meaning of the Terms “Licensed” and “Insured” in Plumbing 

  • Licensed Plumber: A licensed plumber has met the requirements and passed examinations set by licensing boards. You can be confident that a licensed plumber is qualified to handle plumbing tasks legally and safely while adhering to building codes and standards, as they’ve gone through all the necessary training and have the resulting plumbing certification and official stamp of approval.
  • Insured Plumber: An insured plumber carries insurance to protect against potential damage or injuries while working on your property’s plumbing issue. This not only safeguards the plumber and their employees but also protects you, the property owner, from having to cover damage and injuries occurring on your property. You might think a plumbing job is simple and doesn’t pose any risk, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So, if you’re searching for a licensed plumber near you, look for companies that offer insured AND licensed plumbers if you want fully qualified plumbing services (and the peace of mind that comes with it).

Think Twice Before Skipping on Insured & Licensed Plumbing Credentials

Opting for a plumber without the Licensed & Insured Plumber credentials might save you a few bucks upfront, but it's like playing a game of chance with your home. Imagine waking up to a small leak that was "fixed" by an unlicensed plumber, now turned into a full-blown flood. Not only does this mean more hassle, but it could also mean shelling out more money for repairs than you initially saved. And if that plumber isn't insured, guess who's on the hook for the damages? Yep, that would be YOU.

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